REVOCAMP - internationales Sommercamp für revolutionäre Jugendliche
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All year long we fight back against racists und "law and order"-types, we oppose the nazi scum, we're pestered by teachers and bosses, and in between we try to get active and stand up for ourselves. But every summer there seems to be a break, because everyone goes on holiday.

But why not combine holiday with politics, class struggle, networking, fun, action and discussion?

Are you interested in politics? Do you agree that this system is shit? Do you go to school in the morning and think that capitalism should be smashed and replaced with something nicer? Do you work in your low paid temporary job for some soulless multinational, wondering if this is all there is to life?

Then REVOCAMP is for you! As in the last two years, a hundred young people from the Czech Republik, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, and also from England, Sweden, and even farther away will meet up on the outskirts of Prague to discuss ideas, plan actions and of course party.

Was is capitalism, what is communism, and how do we get from one to the other? Is Revolution possible? Where are the mass struggles in Latin America going? Where is the resistance in Iraq going? How do school and university maintain the system? Why are women disadvantaged in our society? What perspective do we have, what perspective do we need? We want to discuss these and many other questions, but since at least two people are necessary for a discussion, you and your interests are

We can't (and don't want to) offer an all-inclusive holiday package with entertainers and we won't satisfy people's need to consume. But we have time and space for:

discussions about our proposals and ideas

seminars about all kinds of topics (from A like Antifascism to Z like Zapatistas)

Workshops about practical actions like tactics for demonstrations, self-defence against fascists, graffiti, web design and more

meet people from other countries who face the same (and some radically different) problems as we do

lots of parties, afternoons at the lake and discussions till late at night

Fun is what you make out of it!!!

Join the Revolution in Prague!